Opel Blitz

Germany (1934-44) Medium Truck. About 130,000 built

The Blitz, Opel's legend

During the interwar, Opel became the largest truck manufacturer in Germany. The Blitz (German for "lightning"), coined in a prize competition, became a brand name for various light and middle-weight trucks, right up to 1975. The logo created for this brand, two stripes arranged loosely like a lightning symbol in the form of a horizontally stretched letter "Z", became the Opel logo. During WW2, the Opel Blitz became the prime utility truck of the Wehrmacht, deployed in every front.

Opel Blitz 1.5 tons pickup (1932), one of the three body style available with the van and bus to the civilian market.

The origins of commercial automotive venture by the pioneer Fritz Opel dated back 1899. Delivery and transport vans were built, based on “System Lutzmann”, patent created the first automobile in Rüsselsheim. In 1907, the first truck was added to the portfoli, a 3/4 tonne vehicle with pneumatic tyres, propeller shaft drive and 2-4 cylinder engines. During WW1 already the military standadized the type to four tonnes, driving Opel to devise a larger and more reobust “standard truck”, produced and sold until the early 1920s. From 1923, Opel started to introduce lighter trucks, short-wheelbase and vans with a payload of 1-2 tonnes.

For the 1931 model exhibitions, a new model was prepared by Opel's engineers, which succeeded in creating a sturdy and affordable “express transport truck” with an excellent, yet simple design in a times of vivid economical crisis. Tp promote it, Opel's advertising department had the idea of creating a short term pronounced in German as well as in any modern language, composed of only five letters. To find the name, they choose an avantgarde method at that time, but both high-profile and effective. It was sought throughout Germany in a competition, with the prize being an Opel... Dr. Wilhelm von Opel headed the ads campaign and eventually proposed as grand prize a 4/20 hp limousine, and for others, Opel Motoclub motorbikes. Closing date was October 6, 193. Afterwards, the sales Manager Andersen announced the winner at the Opel Dealer Conference, on November 24, 1930, helf in Frankfurt, in the prestigious "Ufa-Palast". The name chosen was “Blitz” among 1.5 million entries. The brand used it already on its bicycles range from 1889 and it was now associated with Opel commercial vehicle, and stuck for 60 years.

The new model had a payload of either 1.5 or two tonnes, three different wheelbases, and two engines. The “express transport truck” used a 2.6-litre 4-cylinder while the more powerful Blitz “6” was given the 3.6-litre “Marquette” six-cylinder engine or US origin. The range was refined and after five years, in 1935, debut, the company receive funds to buult a dedicated brand new plant.

The military is interested

The first Opel Blitz was presented in November 1930, in November. Over the years until 1975 it became a legend, a fantastic success story for an European Manufacturer with a grand total of 442,312 Opel Blitz vehicles built in Germany alone. Soon, within the context of Nazi economy and re-armament, the authorities funded Opelwerk Brandenburg to radically expand its facilities for mass-production in 1932. Capacities reached their peak in 1939, and until 1944, more than 130,000 Blitz trucks and chassis were delivered. If they shared many components all these trucks differed by many details. The 1935 Blitz had two engines, the heavy one being equipped with a flathead 61 PS (45 kW) 3.5-liter petrol, straight-six engine (a licence version of the 1930 GM Marquette). It was a direct result of General Motors' takeover of Opel in 1929. The "smaller" version was given the domestic Opel 2.6-liter 4-cylinder 40 PS (29 kW).

By 1934, four versions of the Blitz were offered:
-1 tonne basic model
-2 tonnes
-2½ tonne (both having 14 sub-versions).

The Marquette engine was judged obsilete and in 1937 it was replaced by a more modern overhead valve model 75 hp (56 kW) straight-six engine. It was the same used in the high-end Opel Admiral passenger cars, and very similar to Chevrolet engines of the time. This was this version that was widely used by the Wehrmacht. In 1937, the four wheel drive became mandatory, and is used throughout the military production.

The new plant Opelwerk Brandenburg an der Havel, inaugurated in great pump with nazi officials, was covering 850,000 square metres, and designed specifically and exclusively for truck manufacturing, at large scale. No time was wasted: In July 1937 already the plant celebrated its 25,000th Blitz express transport truck leaving its assembly line.

Wehrmahcht's Kfz.305

Opel Blitz engine, tech manual, published 27 August 1942

From 1939, the Blitz 3.6 3-ton appeared; It soon became the staple of Opel production, entirely absorbed by the army. Variants included an elongated version, and a four-wheel drive, "Blitz A". In the waffenwamt, this model was identified as Kfz.305.

From 1940 a new standard light model was manufactured, the Blitz 2.5. It was produced in Rüsselsheim facility until 1942 with a 55hp Opel Super 6 engine.

On 6 August 1944, Opelwerk Brandenburg was obliterated by RAF bombing and ceased production. Circa 2,500 Blitz 3.6 trucks were ordered by Minister of Armaments Albert Speer at the Mannheim plant (which belongs to Daimler Benz AG) and production of the Mercedes-Benz L3000 stopped as a result. Brandenburg facilities were completely dismantled by Soviet Military Administration after the war, while Daimler-Benz Mannheim, in the west, resumed manufacturing of the the Blitz 3.6, renamed L 701 until 1949.

The Opel Blitz in action

Opel Blitz in Italy, 1944

Use by the wehrmacht

Contrary to popular opinion, the bulk of the Wehrmacht comprised foot infantry, with horse-drown artillery. They generally operated to reduce pockets previously created by the swift panzerdivisions. The Opel Blitz was used by the latter, as part of its supply train. It was adopted as standard due to a competition for military cargo trucks with off-road capabilities. The 3-ton "Blitz" won and the Opel factory received a massive order for what became the standard Wehrmacht truck. The Kfz.305 (4 x 2) was intensively used in many types with the three-tone being the most famous of all Wehrmacht vehicles. About 100,000 were delivered to the Heer, displaying their characteristic lightning emblem on the radiator front panel, often associated with the "blitzkrieg". Its tire tracks soon became known all around Europe, from the fields of France to the endless sands of the African desert and the Russian mud.

Aside their production and availability, what made these trucks immortal was their reputation of hardiness and ease of maintenance and repair. The European conflict saw huge numbers of trucks needed. In addition t military production many thousands of prewar civilian Opel "Blitz" S were drafted into army units as well. These were also brought up to army standard under the same denomination, Kfz.305, the sole official military designation for the Opel "Blitz", whatever the type. In fact in total about 140 different army modifications were made on the Opel "Blitz" chassis, frome radio cars to repair workshops, fuel trucks, mobile laundries or printing-trucks and staff buses or fire trucks as well.

From 1937 up to 1944 of the 140,000 vehicles built, 82,356 were listed as standard army Blitz S trucks, 14,122 as long wheelbase 3-tons and 8,363 with with a shorter wheelbased, 2.5 tons. In 1942 Daimler Benz AG was involved under license manufacturing and these Mercedes-built "Blitz" were visually identical, called Mercedes L701. License production started only in 1944, after the destruction of the Russelheim plant by RAF night raids.

These Blitz became an integral part of the organization of Panzer Divisions, using gasoline, to keep a common supply with the tanks the followed, unlike other trucks types, most often running on diesel oil. That was anoyther particular of the type. They Ground pressure was low, despite a 2x4 drive, allowing them to overcome many obstacles and soft ground, even competing with three-axle trucks. The Eastern campaign fully took advantage of the Opel "Blitz". Unlike diesel, their gasoline engine could be started with just boiled water in very cold weather conditions. Large numbers of these wete also captured by the Red Army from 1943 as trophies, and they went on to serve with the Russians until parts fatigue and cannibalization went to an end. The Russians loved them for the same reasons. Many of these Russian "Blitz" took part in the great offensive in August 1945 against the Japanese in eastern China. In the end, the "Blitz" became an absolute favorite among drivers and some even argued that if most has been produced, Germmany would have not lost the war.

Opel Blitz 3.5 during a reenacment
Opel Blitz 3.5 during a reenacment

Another interesting point was that the commonality of Opel trucks with GM trucks was a benefit for the Wehmacht: In North Africa they could captured lend-lease British GMC trucks and reuse their parts and engines on the Blitz, same in Russia. In the other sens, disabled Blitzes, abandoned by retiring Germans in 1943-45 could be easily put back in service by the allies, using Chevy/GMC and Bedford parts. This even sparked controversy: Indeed Opel was formed as a General Motors subsidiary and experts had strong reasons to believe that Opel used forced labor. GM of course defended its case, arguing it shad no control over this particulra subsidiary during the war. They were only administratively attached to the American company. In the press, GM communication departments also stressed, from the numerous reports received from the front, that during the rapid Allied advances on both fronts seized trucks were easily put to use again, just because of the commonality. Opel Blitz trucks were also made under license from General Motors. All in all, between the regular Blitz and Maultier, the Opel truck provided a comprehensive and welcome addition to German motorized units until 1945. Production of the Blitz, disrupter by bobings, ceased in 1944, but the brand was revived in the post-war context and the Blitz went on in production until 1975

The "Mule" eastern front half track

To cope with the bad road conditions and the rasputitsa mud seasons on the Eastern Front, a half-tracked Maultier (mule) Sd.Kfz. 3 version was built using tracks and suspension based on the British Universal Carrier. Among others, these were used as service vehicles for the Messerschmitt Me 323 military transport aircraft.

Opel Blitz in Hungary, 1941

Specs Opel Blitz 36-6700A (Model 1937)
Dimensions :5.95-6.02 x 2.26-2.34 x 2,17-3,18 m (19.8 ft x 7.4 ft x 9 ft)
Total weight:2,100-3,350 Tonnes max. (4,630 Ibs)
Payload : 2.3 to 3.5 tons ()
Crew :1 driver
Propulsion :Opel 4 cylinders, 3626 cc, 68- hp at 3800 rpm, or 6-cyl 74 hp
Speed :80 km/h (50 mph)
Range (road/off road) :300 to 400 km (255 miles)
Total production82,000

Opel Blitz Kfz 305 variants designations

  • 305 Mittlerer Lastkraftwagen (o) mit geschlossenem Einheitsaufbau: Middle lorry (o) with standard box body
  • 305/1 Fernschreibanschlusskraftwagen (KW): telex termination motor vehicle (KW)
  • 305/2 Fernschreibanschlusskraftwagen G: telex termination motor vehicle G
  • 305/3 Fernschreibvermittlungskraftwagen: telex relaying station motor vehicle
  • 305/4 Fernschreibwartungskraftwagen: telex maintenance motor vehicle
  • 305/8 Fernschreibvermittlungskraftwagen: telex relaying station motor vehicle
  • 305/10 Verstärkerkraftwagen: amplifier motor vehicle
  • 305/11 Leitungsmesskraftwagen: cable measuring motor vehicle
  • 305/15 Funksendekraftwagen: radio broadcast motor vehicle
  • 305/16 Funkkraftwagen: Radio motor vehicle
  • 305/17 Funkkraftwagen: radio motor vehicle
  • 305/18 Funkkraftwagen (Kzw./Lgw.): radio motor vehicle (SW/LW)
  • 305/19 Funkkraftwagen (Kzw.): radio motor vehicle (SW)
  • 305/20 Funkkraftwagen: radio motor vehicle
  • 305/21 Funkbeschickungskraftwagen: radio feeding motor vehicle
  • 305/22 Funkpeilkraftwagen: radio bearing motor vehicle
  • 305/23 Funkempfangs Kw./Horchfunkempfangs Kw./Funkbetriebs Kw: radio reception/interception radio reception/radio operation motor vehicle
  • 305/25 Funkmastkraftwagen: radio mast motor vehicle
  • 305/26 Radiosondekraftwagen: radiosonde motor vehicle
  • 305/27 Radiosondepeilkraftwagen: radiosonde bearing motor vehicle
  • 305/29 Ansteuerungssendekraftwagen: Approaching signal sending motor vehicle
  • 305/30 Voreinflugzeichen- od. Haupteinflugzeichensendekraftwagen: Outer marker or main marker transmitter motor vehicle
  • 305/32 Leuchtfeuerkraftwagen für schweren Leuchtfeuertrupp (mot.): Beacon light motor vehicle for heavy beacon light squad (mot.)
  • 305/33 Leuchtfeuerkraftwagen für leichten und mittlerer Leuchtfeuertrupp (mot.): Beacon light motor vehicle for light and middle beacon light squad (mot.)
  • 305/34 Richtverbindungskraftwagen für schweren Richtverbindungstrupp: radio relay motor vehicle for heavy radio relaying squad
  • 305/35 Richtverbindungskraftwagen für schweren Richtverbindungstrupp: radio relay motor vehicle for heavy radio relaying squad
  • 305/36 Richtverbindungs-Tf-Betriebskraftwagen: radio relay Tf operating motor vehicle
  • 305/37 Richtverbindungs-WTZ-Betriebskraftwagen: Radio relay WTZ operating motor vehicle
  • 305/38 Richtverbindungs-Antennengerät-Kraftwagen: Radio relay aerial device motor vehicle
  • 305/40 Richtverbindungsmesskraftwagen: Radio relay measurement motor vehicle
  • 305/41 Geräteprüfkraftwagen 293: Instrument testing motor vehicle 293
  • 305/42 Bordfunkprüfkraftwagen: Radio equipment testing motor vehicle
  • 305/43 Entstörkraftwagen: Interference suppression motor vehicle
  • 305/44 Elektrischer Störsuchkraftwagen: electrical interference searching motor vehicle
  • 305/60 Bordgeräteprüfkraftwagen: On board devices testing motor vehicle
  • 305/61 Zellen-Werkstattkraftwagen 1: Air frame workshop motor vehicle I
  • 305/62 Zellen-Werkstattkraftwagen II: Air frame workshop motor vehicle II
  • 305/63 Triebwerks-Wartungskraftwagen: Propulsion unit maintenance motor vehicle
  • 305/64 Bordgeräte-Werkstattkraftwagen: On board devices workshop motor vehicle
  • 305/65 Wetterkraftwagen A: Meteorological motor vehicle A
  • 305/66 Wetterkraftwagen B: Meteorological motor vehicle B
  • 305/67 Triebwerk-Werkstattkraftwagen 1: Propulsion unit workshop motor vehicle 1
  • 305/68 Triebwerk-Werkstattkraftwagen II: Propulsion unit workshop motor vehicle II
  • 305/69 Steuerungsprüfkraftwagen: Piloting testing motor vehicle
  • 305/70 Fallschirmlagerkraftwagen: Parachute store motor vehicle
  • 305/73 Befehlsstellenkraftwagen: Command post motor vehicle
  • 305/74 Geschäftszimmerkraftwagen: Office motor vehicle
  • 305/75 Bekleidungskammerwagen: Clothing chamber vehicle
  • 305/76 Sanitätsgerätekraftwagen: Medical equipment motor vehicle
  • 305/77 Marketenderkraftwagen: Canteen proprietor motor vehicle
  • 305/78 Elektroküchenkraftwagen: Electrical kitchen motor vehicle
  • 305/79 Geschäftszimmerkraftwagen: Office motor vehicle
  • 305/80 Waffenwartungskraftwagen: Weapons maintenance motor vehicle
  • 305/83 Kfz-Werkstattkraftwagen: Motor vehicle workshop motor vehicle
  • 305/84 Kfz-Ersatzteillagerkraftwagen: Motor vehicle spare parts depot motor vehicle
  • 305/85 Prüfkraftwagen für Drucköl- und Luftversorgungsanlage: Testing motor vehicle for pressure oil- and air-supply device
  • 305/86 Zahnklinikkraftwagen: Dental clinic motor vehicle
  • 305/87 Zahnlaborkraftwagen: Dental laboratory motor vehicle
  • 305/88 Röntgen-Schirmbild-Kraftwagen: Roentgen screen photo motor vehicle
  • 305/89 Röntgen-Schirmbild-Dunkelkammer-Kraftwagen: Roentgen screen photo darkroom motor vehicle
  • 305/90 Bildkraftwagen: Image motor vehicle I
  • 305/91 Bildkraftwagen II: Image motor vehicle II
  • 305/93 Wasseraufbereitungskraftwagen I: Water preparation motor vehicle I
  • 305/94 Wasseraufbereitungskraftwagen II: water preparation motor vehicle II
  • 305/95 Wasseraufbereitungskraftwagen III: water preparation motor vehicle III
  • 305/96 Wasserentsalzungskraftwagen: water desalination motor vehicle
  • 305/98 Sauerstoff-Instandsetzungskraftwagen: oxygen maintenance motor vehicle
  • 305/99 Sauerstoffumfüllkraftwagen: oxygen decantation motor vehicle
  • 305/100 Navigationskraftwagen: navigation motor vehicle
  • 305/101 Navigations-Vermessungskraftwagen: navigation survey motor vehicle
  • 305/102 Lagerkraftwagen: warehouse motor vehicle
  • 305/103 AF Messgerätekraftwagen: AF measurement instruments motor vehicle
  • 305/104 Lagerkraftwagen KTZ: warehouse motor vehicle KTZ
  • 305/105 Werkstattkraftwagen für Klempner und Schweißer: workshop motor vehicle for tinsmith and welder
  • 305/106 Werkstattkraftwagen für Hydraulik und Schlosser: workshop motor vehicle for hydraulics and locksmith
  • 305/107 Werkstattkraftwagen für mechanische Werkstatt: workshop motor vehicle for mechanical workshop
  • 305/108 Werkstattkraftwagen für Waffen und Elektrik: workshop motor vehicle for weapons and electronics
  • 305/109 Werkstattkraftwagen für mechanische Werkstatt I: workshop motor vehicle for mechanical workshop I
  • 305/110 Werkstattkraftwagen für mechanische Werkstatt II: workshop motor vehicle for mechanical workshop II
  • 305/111 Werkstattkraftwagen für Schlosser und Schweißer: workshop motor vehicle for locksmith and welders
  • 305/112 Werkstattkraftwagen für Klempner I: workshop motor vehicle for tinsmith I
  • 305/113 Werkstattkraftwagen für Klempner II: workshop motor vehicle for tinsmith II
  • 305/114 Werkstattkraftwagen für Hydraulik und Schlosser: workshop motor vehicle for hydraulics and locksmith
  • 305/115 Werkstattkraftwagen für Tischler, Maler, Sattler: workshop motor vehicle for cabinetmaker, painters, saddler
  • 305/117 Werkstattkraftwagen für Schweißer und Schmied: workshop motor vehicle for welders and blacksmith
  • 305/118 Kfz-Werkstattkraftwagen für Motor, Fahrgestelle und elektrische Anlagen: motor vehicle workshop motor vehicle for engine, chassis and electrical installation
  • 305/119 Kfz-Lagerkraftwagen: motor vehicle warehouse motor vehicle
  • 305/120 Mannschaftskraftwagen für I-Dienst: personnel carrier for maintenance service
  • 305/121 Gerätekraftwagen für I-Dienst: equipment motor vehicle for maintenance service
  • 305/122 Entgiftungskraftwagen: decontamination motor vehicle
  • 305/123 Entgiftungsgerätekraftwagen: decontamination equipment motor vehicle
  • 305/124 Pressluftgerätkraftwagen: compressed air equipment motor vehicle
  • 305/125 Flugbetriebskraftwagen: air traffic motor vehicle
  • 305/126 Startkraftwagen: starting motor vehicle
  • 305/128 Kraftfahrspritze KS 8: fire tank wagon KS 8
  • 305/130 Werkstattkraftwagen für Abwurfwaffen: workshop motor vehicle for bombs
  • 305/131 Werkstattkraftwagen für Schusswaffen: workshop motor vehicle for fire arms
  • 305/132 Waffenwerkstattkraftwagen! weapons workshop motor vehicle
  • 305/135 Werkstattkraftwagen mechanische Werkstatt: workshop motor vehicle mechanical workshop
  • 305/136 Motorenwerkstattkraftwagen: engines workshop motor vehicle
  • 305/137 Werkstattkraftwagen für Flugzeugschlosser, Rüstschlosser (TMZ): workshop motor vehicle for aircraft locksmith, equipment locksmith (TMZ)
  • Kfz. 305 als Fledermauskraftwagen
  • Kfz. 305 as bat motor vehicle


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Recommended read: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Military Vehicles (Ian V Hogg & John Weeks,-Hamlyn, 1980), Armoured Fighting Vehicles (Philip Trewbitt, Dempsey-Parr,1999).
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Blitz 1-Ton model 1936

Blitz 1.5 Ton model 1938

Opel Blitz 3 Tons "S", flatbed, model 1936

Same model, with wooden panels

Blitz in Feldgrau, campaign of Poland, September 1939

Opel Blitz in North Africa, March 1941

Blitz in Greece, July 1942
Blitz in Greece, July 1942

Blitz 305 in north Africa, 1942

Blitz 305, Italy 1944

Opel Blitz winter, south eastern front campaign 1942/43

Opel Blitz Flakvierling

Opel Blitz carrying a 40mm FLAK

Blitz 37 mm FLAK with armored cab, russia, southern front 1942

Camouflaged Blitz with tarpaulin, Eastern front 1943

Opel Blitz C Command Car 11Pzd, Ukraine June 1941

Opel Blitz Einheitskoffer Field Radio Truck, 116 PZD, Panzr Regiment 16, Normandy 1944

Opel Blitz 3 tons with tarpaulin, Eastern Front 1941

Opel Blitz ambulance cab

Blitz 3 ton 1st Bat. 33rd AA Regiment, North Africa 1942, note the sandy paint wearing out over the original feldgrau

Partiall camouflaged Blitz 3 Ton used by the Totenkpf Division, eastern front 1943

Blitz with canvas, Russia winter 1943

Blitz Panzerlehr Division, Normandy 1944

Blitz of the 5th Army, Tunisia, Nov. 1942

Blitz in Tunisia, 1942

Blitz with the FFI, Paris, September 1944

Blitz type C used by the Luftwaffe with an amazing camouflage

Blitz with the 8th Gebirgsjager Division, Bologna Feb-Apr. 1945

Blitz 21th Panzerdivision, North Africa 1942

Blitz with the 19th Panzerdivisions Kursk, Russia 1943

Blitz in Italy, 26th Panzerdivision, july 1944

Blitz Type A, with tarpaulin and snow paint 1945

Opel Maultier, the half-track variant of the Blitz
Opel Blitz Vans manufacturing

A Kiev retro auto

Blitz fire truck

Blitz in 1941

Blitz in Overloon

Blitz in Budapest, 1944

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-Autocar U8144T 5/6-ton 4x4 truck
-Brockway/LaFrance 6-ton 6x6 truck, G512, 514, 547, 569
-Brockway 6-ton 6×6 truck
-Chevrolet m1931
-Chevrolet m1936
-Chevrolet G506 1.5 ton 4x4 truck
-Chevrolet G-7107 4-1/2 ton 4x4
-Chevrolet 3116 1-1/2 ton 4x2
-Chevrolet AFWX-354
-Corbitt 6-ton 6×6 truck
-Diamond T Model 980/981 12-ton 6x4 trucks (G159)
-Diamond T Model 968 4-ton 6x6 truck (G509)
-Diamond T Model 967
-Diamond T Model 970
-Diamond T Model 972
-Diamond M26 Dragon Wagon
-Diamond M19 Tank Transporter
-Diamond T Model 980
-Diamond T 4-ton 6x6 truck
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton truck
-Dodge WC-51/52 (3⁄4-ton Trucks, Weapons Carrier)
-Dodge WC-53 (3⁄4-ton Carryall)
-Dodge WC-54/64 (3⁄4-ton Ambulance)
-Dodge WC-55 (3⁄4-ton Truck, M6 Gun Motor Carriage)
-Dodge WC-56/57/58 (3⁄4-ton (Radio) Command Reconnaissance)
-Dodge WC-62/43 (G-507, 11⁄2-ton, 6x6 truck)
-Dodge M6 GMC
-Dodge T-234 "China/Burma" truck
-Ford B3000 S
-Ford V3000S
-Ford V3000A
-Ford BB
-Ford V8-51
-Ford m1931
-Ford V8 M1937
-Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) SU-COE 5-6 ton 4x4
-International B2
-International model 1937
-Inl KR-11 5 ton 4x2 dump truck
-Inl M5-6 318 2-1/2 ton 6x6 swb
-G8T 2-1/2 ton 4x2 Truck
-Mack NR15 10-ton 6x4
-Reo 28 XS 10-ton 6x4
-Studebaker US6x4 U-5
-Studebaker US6x4 U-7
-Studebaker US6x4 U-6
-Studebaker US6 U4 bz35S 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck
-T1E1(M1) half-track
-T5 half-track
-T7 half-track
-T9 half-track
-Ward LaFrance
-White 6 ton 6x6 Prime Mover
-White G-691 444T
-White 6-ton 6×6 truck G512, 514, 526, 547

US ww2 Small truck/car & Misc.
Bantam Reconnaissance Car
Ford GTB
6x6 Willys 'MT-TUG' ("Super-Jeep")
-Willys MB light truck
-Ford GPA ("Seep")
Buick Century Series 60
1941 Plymouth P11 Staff Car
Ford Fordor 1942 Staff Car
Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycle
US ww2 Tractors. M1 Heavy Tractor:
  • Allis-Chalmers Model L
  • G-022 Caterpillar Model 60
  • G-89 Caterpillar RD7
  • G-98, G-107 Allis-Chalmers HD-10DW
  • G-101 International Harvester TD-18
  • G-126 Caterpillar D7
  • G-153 Caterpillar D8

Axis ww2 Axis Trucks

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Sd.Kfz 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 were half-tracks designed just before the war as prime movers, to carry supplies, ammunition, personal, and tow artillery. Many were also converted during the war as armored versions carrying AA FLAK guns (Flakvierling, 37 mm, or the legendary 88 mm Rheinmetall als used as tank hunters), or were converted as nebelwerfer (rocket launching armored vehicles). They were built by Hanomag, Steyr, Mercedes-Benz, Bussing and many other manufacturers until 1945, over 20,000 half-tracks.

German ww2 German Military trucks
-Opel Blitz
-Mercedes-Benz L3000
-Magirus A3000
-Krupp Protze Kfz.19
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.68
-Krupp Protze Kfz.69
-Krupp Protze Kfz.70
-Krupp Protze Kfz.81
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.83
-Borgward B 3000
-Skoda Rad Schlepper
-Ost RSO Porsche 175
-Steyr Type 2000A
-Einheits Lkw Kfz.62
-Krupp LKW L3
-Bussing-Nag 4500
-Opel Blitz Omnibus
-Bussing-Nag L
-Mercedes-Benz L1500
-Beute Studebaker
-Krupp L3H
-Hanomag SS-100
-Beute Ford B3000 S, V3000S, V3000A
-Beute Ford model BB
-Beute Ford model V8-51
-Beute Tatra 111

German ww2 German Half Tracks

-Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad
-Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier
-Sd.Kfz.4 Panzerwerfer
-Schwere Wehrmachtsschlepper
-Leichte Wehrmachtsschlepper
-Raupenschlepper Ost

German ww2 German Staff Cars

-Horch 81
-Horch 108
-Kfz.15 Horch 901
-VW 182 Kübelwagen
-VW Schwimmwagen
italy ww2 Italian Military trucks
L. Trucks (Autocarro Leggere)
-ОМ Autocarretta da Montagna
-Camioneta SPA TL.37
-Camioneta AS.43
-Fiat 618
Med. Trucks (Autocarro Medio)
-Alfa Romeo 430RE
-Alfa Romeo 800RE
-Bianchi Miles
-FIAT-626 NM
-Isotta Fraschini D65
-Isotta Fraschini D80
-SPA Dovunque-35
-SPA Dovunque-41
-SPA AS.37
-Autocarro Dovunque SPA 41/42

H. Trucks (Autocarro Gigante)
-Fiat 661
-Lancia Ro
-Lancia 3Ro and TE
-Lancia EsaRo
-ОМ Taurus
-ОМ Titano
-Autocarri Unificati Ursus

italy ww2 Artillery tractors
-Breda TP32
-Breda TP 40
-Breda TP 41
-Breda 6x4 51
-90/53 su Breda 52
-Breda 61 (licenced SdKfz-7)
-Fiat-SPA T.L.37
-Pavesi Р4.31 (L140)
-Fiat 727 half-track artillery tractor
-SPA TM40 wheeled artillery tractor

italy ww2 Staff Cars
-Alfa Romeo 6С2500 Coloniale
-Fiat 508M Ballila
-Fiat 508CM Coloniale
-Fiat 1100 (1937) (Balilla-1100 Coloniale)
-Lancia Aprilia Coloniale
-Bianchi VM 6C
-Fiat 2800 CMC

italy ww2 Motorcycles
-Benelli 500 M36/VLM
-Bianchi Supermil 500
-Gilera 500 LTE
-Moto Guzzi Alce/Trialce
-Volugrafo Aermoto 125
Japan ww2 IJA/IJN ww2 vehicles
-Toyota 4x4 Su-Ki (Amphibious truck)
-Isuzu Type 94 truck
-Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck
-Type 95 Mini-truck
-Type 97 4-Wheeled Truck
-Type 1 6-Wheeled Truck
-Type 2 Heavy Truck
-Toyota KB/KC Truck
-Nissan 80 Truck
-Nissan 180 Truck
Japan ww2 Tractors
-Type 92 5 t Prime Mover "I-Ke"
-Type 98 6 t Prime Mover "Ro-Ke"
-Type 92 8 t Prime Mover "Ni-Ku"
-Type 95 13 t Prime Mover "Ho-Fu"
-Type 94 4 t Prime Mover "Yo-Ke"
-Type 98 4 t Prime Mover "Shi-Ke"
-Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover
-Type 98 20 mm AA Machine Cannon Carrier
-Type 98 Half-tracked Prime Mover "Ko-Hi"
-Type 98 20 mm AA Half-Track Vehicle
-Experimental Heavy Gun Tractor Chi-Ke
-Experimental Crawler Truck
-T G Experimental Crawler Truck
-Fordson Prime Mover
-Pavessi Gun Tractor
-50 hp Gun Tractor
-Komatsu 3 ton Tractor
-Light Prime Mover
-Clarton Prime Mover
-Holt 30

Japan ww2 Staff cars
-Toyota AA/AB/AC
-Type 93 6/4-Wheeled Passenger Car
-Type 95 Passenger Car "Kurogane"
-Type 98 Passenger Car
-Model 97 Nissan Staff Car, Nissan 70

Japan ww2 Motorcycles
-Rikuo Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 97 Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 93 side car

Japan ww2 Misc.
-Type 94 Ambulance
-Type 94 Repair Vehicle

Cold War & Modern Vehicles

Section pending completion.
BAV-485 * MAZ-543 * GAZ 46 * GAZ 67B * GAZ/UAZ-69 * GAZ 51 * GAZ 63* ZIL-131 * GAZ 66 * KrAZ-214 * KrAZ-255 * KrAZ-260 * KZKT-7428 * MAZ-535 * MAZ-537 * MAZ-7310 * Ural 375 * URAL 4320 * ZIL-135 * ZIL-151 * ZIL-157 * ZIL-157/PR-11M * ZIL-6 * ZIL-6

* * * * Praga V3S * Tatra 813
Ford G398 * Borgward BE3000 * Henschel HS 115 * Hanomag AL 28 * Mercedes Standard 4.5L * Mercedes LG 315/46 * Magirus-Deutz 170 * Magirus-Deutz 232 * Magirus-Deutz Jupiter 6x6 * Magirus-Deutz A 6500 * MAN KAT-1 * SLT 50 Elefant TT * Liebherr 8x8 GLW * MAN TGM Mil 18 4x4 * Liebherr 4x4 FKL * MAN 630 L2 * Mercedes LA * Unimog 404 2.5 standard * DKW Munga (1956) * Mercedes G-class * Volkswagen Type 181 (1968) * Volkswagen Iltis (1978) * MAN LX Tactical Trucks * M3 Amphibious Rig
Willys Jeep CJ series * Jeep M606 * Jeep M38A1 * Jeep M170 * M151 Mutt * M422 Mighty Mite * CJ V-35(/U) * M274 4x4 "Mule" * M37 Series 4x4 "Power Wagon" * M35 Series 6x6 * M54 Series 6x6 * M123/M125 6x6 * M715 series 4x4 * M561 6x6 "Gamma Goat" * M656 Series 8x8 * M880 series 4x4 * M809 series 6x6 * M520 4x4 "Goer" * M915 series 6x4 * M911 C-MET 8x6 * CUCV M1008 4x4 * HMMWV 4x4 * M939 Series 6x6 * HEMTT M977 8x8

Land-Rover * Bedford RL * Bedford TK/MK * Bedford TM * AEC Militant * Austin K9 * AEC Mandator TEL


Nissan 2.5 Truck
Jiefang CA10 * Jiefang CA30
* * Hitachi Type 73 artillery tractor (1974) * Toyota Type 73 * Isuzu HST * Nissan Patrol * Mitsubishi Type 73 * Toyota Land Cruiser *
Beijing BJ212 * Dongfeng EQ240/EQ2081 * Dongfeng EQ245/EQ2100 * Dongfeng EQ2050 * FAW MV3 * Hanyang HY4260 * Hanyang HY4330 * HTF5680A1 * SFQ2040 LieYing * Xiaolong XL2060 * Jiefang CA-30 * NJ2045/2046 * Shaanxi SX2190 * Shaanxi SX2150 * TA580/TAS5380 * TA5450/TAS5450 * TAS5500 * TAS5570 * TAS5690 * Type 82 truck * WS2300 * WS2400 * WS2500 * Wanshan W-2600 * WS21200 * WS51200
Renault TRM 10000 GP | Renault RM 700-100 TT | Renault TRM 2000 lorry | Renault GBC 180 | Renault Kerax* | Iveco PPT3 | PML VPCM | Scania CCP10 | Scania TRA TOE NG | Renault ESRC | Renault ESRC AVIT | Renault CCPTA | Mercedes CCP3/5 | Renault Carapace | Renault CDLR | Renault PPDL | Renault CDLR CBH 385 | VLTT | Grizzly LUV | VOS-APP LUV | VOS-PAT LUV | Acmat VLRA | Panhard VPS LUV | Aquus AREG VLFS | Renault T4 VLTP NG | Arquus Trapper VT4 | French Mil. Quads | Renault Kangoo | French Bulldozers | Souvim Minesweeper | EFA Bridgelayer | Renault PFM BDL | SPRAT AVLB

Modern Trucks

Section pending completion.


Tatra Prithvi | Ashok-Leyland Agni II TEL


Iveco ACTL


AMT 25, AMT 950, DAC, Roman, Dacia Duster.


Rantis P6 ATAV


UAZ Esaul * Kamaz 6560 * Pantsir S1


Renault TRM 10000 GP | Renault RM 700-100 TT | Renault TRM 2000 lorry | Renault GBC 180 | Renault Kerax | Iveco PPT3 | PML VPCM | Scania CCP10 | Scanian TRA TOE NG | Renault ESRC | Renault ESRC AVIT | Renault CCPTA | Mercedes CCP3/5 | Renault Carapace | Renault CDLR | Renault PPDL | Renault CDLR CBH 385 | VLTT | Grizzly LUV | VOS-APP LUV | VOS-PAT LUV | Acmat VLRA | Panhard VPS LUV | Aquus AREG VLFS | Renault T4 VLTP NG | | French Mil. Quads | Renault Kangoo | French Bulldozers | Souvim Minesweeper | EFA Bridgelayer | Renault PFM BDL | SPRAT AVLB


Mercedes 250GD Wolf | Mercedes Wolf SSA | Mercedes G300 Greenliner | VW T3/T4/T6 van | BWM G650 GS | BMW F850 GS | BMW R1150 RT | BMW R1200 RT | KTM 400LS-E BdW | LIV(SO) Serval | German quads | Faun LST50-3 Elefant | Faun STL56 Franziska | Faun SLT Mammut | RMT HX81 | SAANH 70T | Mercedes Unimog U3/4/5000 | Mercedes Zetros | MAN KAT1 | RMT Multi 2 | RMT WLS 6x6 | RMT UTF WLKS 8x8 | | MAN TGS 8x4 | MAN TGS 6x4 | MAN RMMV TGA | Mercedes Atego | Mercedes Axor | EWK M3 Amph.Rig | Liebherr FKL | Liebherr FKM | T.Faun FKS ATF 30-2 | T.Faun FKS ATF 70-4 | T.Faun FKS ATF 100-5 | T.Faun FKS ATF 110-5 | T.Faun FKS ATF 120-5 Obelix | Steinbrock 2.5 Y4 | Herbst-Smag Orion V | Konecrane SMV 2216 TC3 | Ahlmann AS1600 | Liebherr 574 | MAN Cobra Radar | Liebherr LTM 1050


Defenture Mammoth | to come | placeholder | MLC-70 WGMST


United Kingdom:

RWMIK land rover | Toyota Jankel Al-Thalab | Sky Sabre | Alvis Unipower | land Rover Wolf | Land Rover Defender BFA | Alvis Supacat ATMP | Marshall Gasket 3 | MAN SV (Mark I-III)


Interim Fast Attack Vehicle | M1161 Growler | Boeing Phantom Badger | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |