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Truck Encyclopedia is the dedicated section about softskin vehicles, either wheeled, tracked or half-tracked, from WW1 to this day: Military Trucks, Tractors, and Cars

Trucks in WW1; No mud, please

All the belligerents engaged in the great war had trucks, tractors and cars, but not systematically armored vehicles, or tanks. Paris Taxis became pivotal at the Marne in 1914, but this was just a beginning. Mobility was everywhere but on the French and Italian fronts.

Industrial Production

WW2 was really the golden age of motorization. By moving infantry rapidly by trucks, battles could be lost or won. However limitations of soft skin vehicles made imperative the development of proper armoured personal carriers at the end of the war.

Steady improvements

Nothing fancy here, only a steady development on trucks and soft skin vehicles for rear lines, with developments in terms of tire inflation, off-road capabilities, multi-fuel usage, modularity and other aspects shared between the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

The entire world as a factory

One of the most interesting developments of the cold war world was decolonization. This, after a period of uncertainty and development, led to a global economy. Trucks are produced anywhere in the world now, and the export market, and international partnerhips has blurred the borders.

Seeing cars and trucks converted into armored vehicles, embedded into the military vehicles category at large, it became obvious one day a new section would be developed to reach unarmed, unprotected trucks, cars and tractors. Trucks latter were used in WW1, WW2 and the cold war up to this day, and if less impressive than tanks, are nevertheless the only practical way to supply the latter in the field, or an entire army for that matter. The driving force behind their development is not darwinian like for tanks (over the space of a few years).

Their utility call for commonality with the civilian market, but military-grade components, equipments and light weaponry, and off-road characteristics are often the main distinguishing point. Cars on the other hand mostly carried staff, personal, and played many other roles, like the mythical Jeep. Tractors were developed early on for towing artillery (and other payloads) over the worst terrain. None were supposed to venture frontline, and therefore their tasks less risky and glorious. But experience in using them drove many innovations, which benefited to the civilian market as well. It's a topic worth studying.


During WW2, UK and the Empire produced 47,000 armored vehicles, however that is less than the Universal carrier. Aside this, 1,475,521 softskin vehicles were manufactured, while the US delivered 2,382,311, USSR 197,100, so more than 4 million versus the Axis 408,092. This included 159,147 for Germany and 165,945 for Japan, 83,000 for Italy. And what about Cold War [?] or Modern Trucks ?

Latest entry

Willys M38
Terrapin (1942)
06.06.2023 D-DAY SPECIAL ! - The Terrapin was an amphibious 8x8 truck designed by Thornycroft and of which 500 were manufactured by Morris in 1943-44. Planned for D-Day they were far less successful than the DUKW and not featured in Normandy. Instead, they will be used in allied landings at Walcheren and De Schedt and participate to the liberation of the Netherlands and push to the Rhine.

Older entries

Willys M38
M38 Jeep (1950)
02.06.2023 The mythical Jeep MB stopped production in 1945 but was so popular that production switched to the Willys MC (Jeep CJ or to be exact CJ3A) version for the cilivian market in 1946, and its army equivalent the M38 in 1950. The manufacturer, Willys, took into account the multiple experiences of servicemen around the world to create the M38. It was mechanically revised to be more robust, practical, easier to resupply, etc. Later appeared the M38A1 this type adapted from the CJ-5. In all, 54,435 were manufactured until 1955 (61,423 when including Canadian Vehicles and depending on sources). They soldiered in Korea and Vietnam among others, and with many other armies around the world to end with collectors. Many are still operating today.
tatra 813 Tatra T813 (1960)
26.05.2023 The Tatra 813 was a 8x8 Czechoslovakian heavy truck produced from 1967 until the arrival of its successor, the T815, which entered service in 1982. The versatile versatile was exported and used both in the military and civilian fields. The first prototype was built in 1960, recycling features from the Tatra 138's 4x4 drive, but later expanded into 8x8 drive. It had a tubular frame construction and was offered in 4WD, 6WD, or 8WD, declined into 5 models and exported. Still used in the civilian market in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions, many specialized.
Opel Maultier (1941)
17.05.2023 The Open Maultier was the conversion of the prolific and trusted German Opel Blitz to a track system to cope with the conditions on the eastern front in WW2. In the end, 22,000 of these utility Half Tracks (combined with Opel, Magirus and Benz conversions) would be produced/converted, declined in armored or specialized bodies, and some later also used as FLAK 38 carrier vehicles.
cold war us trucks
US army Cold War US Trucks (1947-90)
11.05.2023 The whole array of US Military softskin vehicles: Tactical Trucks, medium, light and heavy, specialized variants, but also light tactical vehicles to succeed the Jeep, and artillery or general purpose tractors (tracked). Vehicles used from Korea to Iraq, 1950 to the 2020s. This is a portal page from which many new articles will be added, one for each model. Stay Tune !
soviet army BAV-485 (1952)
03.05.2023 The BAV-485 was a Soviet amphibious transport truck, the locally built version of the famous US-made DUKW made by GMC, of which 589 were delivered via lend-lease and proved their worth in the Vistula-Oder campaign. It was developed from 1949, produced from 1952 to 1962 by successive manufacturers, and widely distributed between motorized infantry units. Maintained into service until the 1970s, it was replaced by the tracked PTS.
MAN-630 L2
west german trucksMAN 630 L2 (1951)
25.04.2023 The MAN 630 L2 is a cold war german military truck produced from 1952 to 1972. The L1 and L3 were civilian, only the L2 was used by the Bundeswehr and also exported to Belgium. Designed to be a versatile and all-terrain based on a NATO standard also used by other manufacturers, it could carry troops, supplies, and equipment over rough terrain. The MAN 630 L2 had a payload of 5 tons and 7 tons towing capacity. Nicknamed "emma", 20,000 were delivered from 1952 to 1972.
Interim Fast Attack Vehicle
Interim Fast Attack Vehicle Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (2005)
20.04.2023 This is a reconnaissance vehicl operated by the United States Marine Force Recon and Marine Expeditionary Units, SEALs. The latter until then operated a fleet of Desert Patrol Vehicles (formerly known as Fast Attack Vehicles) popularized as the "black dune buggy." However, it lacked cargo capacity and firepower, so Force Recon publushed via the US procurement agency a call for tender which was won by Mercedes USA, with a tailored militarized version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class ("G-wagen") as the IFAV. They saw action in Afghanistan notably.
Chevy AFWX-354
Chevrolet AFWX-354 (1939-41)
12.04.2023 The GMC AFWX-354 (longer nomenclature names) is perhaps the least well-known version of the prolific GMC 353 6x6 chassis (CCKW-353). This was basically a COE version of the GMC ACKWX-353, 3-ton, 6x6, General Service, "long nose" and its 4x4 British cousin the GMC ACX-504, 3-ton, 4x2, Cargo Truck. The GMC AFWX-354, 3-ton, 6x4, General Service was designed at first for the French Army in 1939 and exported in 1940. This was the only one COE (Cab Over Engine) also dubbed colloquially the "cabbover" with an extended rear two seats cabin, enough for the five men crew and projector. They saw service in the continental US, in German, British and Red Army service as well with only 1,400 delivered.
West German Trucks (1950-90)
03.04.2023 The Bundeswerh used at first late production vehicles of WW2 before the very same companies started producing standard light, medium, heavy and specialized truck models. Soon, Magirus became Magirus-Deutz, Mercedes consolidated its truck branch, MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG, 1898.) as well as Libherr entered the Fray of military vehicles. Portal Page for future West German Truck Entries. Models: Magirus-Deutz Jupiter 6x6, and Magirus-Deutz A 6500 and TLF 3500, 170 and 232, MAN 630 L2 (1953), MAN KAT-1, LX, SLT-2 Mammut, Ford Ruhr, FK 1000 bus, G398 SAM, Faun GT 8/15‎, L 912/45 A‎, Z 912/21‎, Schwimmschnellbrücke M2B‎, SLT-50 Elefant‎, SLT-56 Franziska, Hanomag AL 28, Borgward BE3000, Henschel HS 115, but also the Mercedes DB5 and LG 315/46, Axor, NG, Zetros, LA, Unimog series, and various Liebherr specialized vehicles. But also staff cars such as the Mercedes Class G, Volkswagen Iltis and 181 or the DKW Munga...
ZIL-157K S-75 Dvina
ZIL 157/S-75 Dvina (1960)
27.03.2023 Before trucks large enough to carry and launch ballistic missiles were created, simpler solutions were devised to procure that capability on smaller missiles, in that case the famous S-75 Dvina or Volkhov (SA-2 "Guideline"), placed on a tailored trailer PR-11M towed by the prime mover Zil-157. Affordable and widely exported, this system coupled saw action in many conficts.
Soviet trucks ww2 GAZ MM (1941)
21.03.2023 The GAZ-MM, was ready in 1938 as an improved version of the GAZ-AA having a better engine and somewhat identical. From 1942 onwards it was produced as the simplified GAZ MM "V", (circa 250,000) with wooden or no doors, canvas roof, no front brakes and front bumpers, plain welded fenders and single headlight. Production was still strong via UAZ (1947-1950) with porrbly refurbishments until 1956, and the vehicle was only reformed in 1963, being a 30 years old design.
Sd.Kfz.6 (1934)
14.03.2023 The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 6 ("special motorized vehicle 6") was a German half-track of World War II, prime mover for the 10.5 cm leFH 18 howitzer, manufactured to 3,640 vehicles by Büssing-NAG, Mercedes Bens and BMM. It was also used as supplier and troop carrier, and declined into the armed/armored variants such as the 37 mm FlaK36 auf Fahrgestell Zugkraftwagen 5t and 7.62 cm FK 296(r) Selbstfahrlafette auf Zugkraftwagen 5t (Sd.Kfz. 6/3) tank hunter.
Jiefang CA-10
chinese trucks Jiefang CA-10
Chinese PLA Light Truck (1956-1982) - 06.03.2022 Throughout the 1950s, the Soviet Army helped China to build up their heavy industries. As part of this plan, China established the First Automobile Works (FAW) in Changchun. Soon after, in July 1956 they introduced the Jiefang CA-10 4×2 army truck, a copy of the ZIS-150. The CA-10 completed on July 13, 1956 had a million built until 1982, and it was used in North Vietnamese conflict; modernized in 1960 and 1980.
praga 92
Czech trucks Tatra 92 (1937)
28.02.2022 The Tatra 92 was a light military truck with 6×4 axles. It could carry 2 tons. Manufactured at Závody Ringhoffer-Tatra a.s. in Kopřivnica, only around 550 were built, a far cry compared to other Czech models such as the ubiquitous Praga RN for example (24,000 delivered). 200 were provided to the Romanian Army. All the Czech vehicles were seized by Germany and production went on after 1938, it was also used by the Wehrmacht until 1945.
Modern US trucks AM. Growler M1161 ITV-LSV (1999)
20.02.2022 The M1161 ITV-LSV and the M1163 prime mover are two faces of the same solution offered by American Growler to the USMC, towing the M270 Dragon Fire mortar and both transported by the tiltrotor V-22 Osprey of the Amphibious fleet as specified. Tactically they allows a first rapid reaction force and advanced scout on the battlefield. More than 1600 vehicles has been delivered so far, for the US and orher countries.
fiat spa 38R
Italian trucks ww2 Autocarro leggero FIAT SPA 38R (1933)
13.02.2022 The Fiat SPA 38R was a light 4x2 truck manufactured by S.P.A., a subsidiary of Fiat between 1933 and 1944, developed in parallel with the air-cooled powered SPA 36R. But the SPA 38R proved soon far more reliable and became the standard Italian light truck of WW2. It was so successful that France in emergency ordered 500 vehicles, 400 delivered before Italy declared war. The SPA 38R was declined into ten main versions, active on all fronts until the end of the war and post-war until 1948 with over 17,000 produced, until 1948 and only retired from 1953.
Pantsir S1
russian trucks Pantsir S1 (2008)
07.02.2023 The Pantsir Missile System (Russian: Панцирь, lit. "Carapace") is a family of self-propelled and medium-range SAM/AA systems. The Pantsir-S1 (NATO SA-22 Greyhound) was the first version, truck-based to be more econpmical, and is the replacement for the Tunguska M1. Produced by KBP from 2009, another version also had been mounted on the GM-352 chassis. The Pantsir-S1 is a mobile, point air defence of any valued asset against aircraft, helicopters and even precision munitions or cruise missiles, as well as UAVs. It especially efficient at extremely low altitudes and is often see a good complement to the S-300 system. It has seen already plenty of action, and as recently as the current Ukraine War. It is a SPAAGML as both "guns and missile launchers" platform.
Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol Nissan Patrol G60 (1960)
28.01.2023 The Nissan Patrol was the second generation "Nissan Jeep" distributed by Datsun on export. A true, simple 4WD vehicle it seduced a large customer base around the world as a cheap alterantive to the mythical Land Rover. Taking on the same hostile environments. It was one of the most common 4WD vehicles, produced for 20 years, in the sixties. Its Military was shorted however. Its predecessor was used by the JSDF, but not the G60, although in 1964 appeared a "military" version for this market; Only it's Indian variant, the Jongla was specifically manufactured for an Army, taking part in the 1971 Indo-Pak war.
Boeing Phantom Badger
US trucks Boeing Phantom Badger (2013)
20.01.2023 The Boeing Phantom Badger, simply called the "Badger" is a combat support vehicle (CSV) made the joined efforts of MSI Defense Solutions and Boeing. It was tailored to be carried inside the V-22 Osprey's hold, and was worked to have the best of light materials and compact, modular construction, plus general versatility to fit all sub-missions profiles. Unlike most of comparable "offers", the Badger avoids non-standard equipment which is odd, while still amanging to keep its cost low. Officially certified for USN aviation it was also tested by the USMC's Spec Ops and USAF. It came after the M1161 Growler also designed as an Internally Transportable Light Strike Vehicle or "ITV-LSV" for the V-22 Osprey.
soviet trucks ZiL-151 (1948)
14.01.2023 The Soviet ZIS-151 was the first postwar Medium Truck, a general-purpose model based on the ZIS-6 and lend-lease Studebaker US6. It was developed in many versions included the armored BTR-152 armored personnel carrier and BAV 485 amphibious vehicle. Having issues only solved by the ZIL-157 it was not widely exported but was licence-built as the Jiefang CA-30 in China. With some 150,000 delivered until 1958 it saw it fair share of action in the early cold war.
LRDG Chevy 30 cwt
Chevrolet 2WB 30 CWT (1940)
04.01.2023 With the legendary Chevrolet 153 engine, the 2WD 1-1/2 truck became the staple of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), complemented by the commander's Ford or later Willy Jeep. Well armed, sometimes carrying 2-pdr, Bofors or captured Breda guns, heavy and light machine guns, these vehicles were merely used for covert operation deep into enemy lines. They monitoring axis traffic, carried SAS for raids between airfields and supply depots, guided allied units in the desert. The unit created by Major Bagnold started witth lend-lease Canadian-built trucks manned by volunteer New Zealand and Rhodesian Crews. Their action was noted by Rommel himelf, stating they were the unit causing him most trouble in 1942, so much so they inspired similar Italian columns.
SdK.fz.9 SdK.fz.9 (1936)
14.12.2022 SdK.fz.9
The Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18 t, Sd.Kfz.9 was the largest of all half-tracks deployed by Germany during WW2. It emerged following a request to create a prime mover for the heaviest ordnance, and tank towing vehicle. Built by FAMO it took two or three for towing away a Tiger I. The type was also used by the Finns and Romania as well. One variant was an armored tank hunter, the 8.8 cm Flak 18 (Sfl.) auf Zugkraftwagen 18t.

WW2 Trucks

Allies ww2 Allied ww2 Vehicles

-AEC Matador
-Albion WD.CX24 Tank Transporter
-Austin K2/Y Ambulance
-Austin K3
-Austin K4
-Austin K4 Dropside
-Austin K5
-Austin K6 GS
-Austin K6 Gantry
-Bedford MW.
-Bedford OXA Armoured
-Bedford OXC Semi-trailer
-Bedford OXD GS
-Bedford OYC Tanker
-Bedford OYD GS
-Bedford QLB Bofors.
-Bedford QLD GS.
-Bedford QLR/QLC Radio/com
-Bedford QLT Troop carrier
-Crossley Q-Type.
-Guy Ant
-Guy Lizard ACV
-Humber FWD.
-Karrier K6.
-Leyland Hippo Mk II
-Morris 15cwt
-Morris ML Ambulance
-Morris C8 GS
-Morris Commercial CD series.
-Morris Commercial CS8
-Morris GS Terrapin
-Scammell Pioneer SV1S/SV2S (~500)
-Berliet DGRA, GDC, GDM, VDCA, 30
-Bernard fuel carriers.
-Citroën Kégresse P14, P17, P19, T23, 32U, 45
-Delahaye 140
-Ford France
-Hotchkiss PKW Typ680, 686, 686 PNA.
-Isobloc buses, W843M medical bus
-Laffly V15R, S15R, S20TL, W15T.
-Latil TAR H2
-Lorraine 37L and 38L tractors
-Matford (Alsace) F917
-Peugeot 202, 402, DMA, DK, DK5
-Saurer type 3CT
-Simca 5, 8
-Somua MCL, MCG
-Unic TU1, P107
-Trippel (Alsace) SG6
-Willeme DU10
-GAZ AA M1927 M1932 M1941
-GAZ AAA M1937
-GAZ AAA M1940
-Ford Marmon HH6 Katiusha
-SU C-6
-Yag-10 SPG
-ZIS-5 armored
-ZIS-33 HT
-ZIS 41 HT
-FN-Kégresse T3

Soviet ww2 Soviet Artillery Tractors

-Komsomolets (4,041 pre-war)
-STZ-3 (3,658 pre-war)
-STZ-5 (7,170 pre-war)
-Komintern (1,017 pre-war)
-Voroshilovets (228 pre-war)
-Kommunar (504 pre-war)
-YA-12 (1,666)

Soviet ww2 Soviet staff cars cars

Soviet ww2 Amphibious armoured cars

-Ford B3000 S
-Ford V3000S
-Ford V3000A,
-Ford BB
-Ford V8-51
-Ford m1931
-Ford m1937
-G8T 2-1/2 ton 4x2 Truck
-International B2
-International model 1937
-Chevrolet m1931
-Chevrolet m1936
-Chevrolet G-506 ​1 1⁄2-ton 4x4
-Chevrolet G-7107 4-1/2 ton 4x4
-Chevrolet 3116 1-1/2 ton 4x2
-Chevrolet (Canada) 4x2 30cwt/1533x2 1.5 ton
-Studebaker US6x4 U7
-Studebaker US6x4 U-6
-Studebaker US6x6 U-5 6x4
-Studebaker US6 U4 bz35S 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck
-Dodge M1931
-Dodge T203B
-Dodge WF-32
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Ambulance
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Carry-all
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton (Radio) Command Reconnaissance
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Truck, Closed Cab
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Truck, Open Cab
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton (Radio) Panel Van
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Telephone Service (K50)
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton Trucks, Emergency Repair
-Dodge WC-51/52 (3⁄4-ton Trucks, Weapons Carrier)
-Dodge WC-53 (3⁄4-ton Carryall)
-Dodge WC-54/64 (3⁄4-ton Ambulance)
-Dodge WC-55 (3⁄4-ton Truck, M6 Gun Motor Carriage)
-Dodge WC-56/57/58 (3⁄4-ton (Radio) Command Reconnaissance)
-Dodge WC-62/3 (G-507, 11⁄2-ton, 6x6 truck)
--Dodge M6 GMC
-Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycle
-Willys MB light truck
-Ford GPA
-GMC CCKW Cargo Truck
-GMC 1939 ACKWX 353 3 ton 6x6 truck
-GMC AFWX-353 3 ton 6x4 truck
-GMC DUKW 353 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck
-GMC DUKW 352 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck
-Diamond T Model 980/981 12-ton 6x4 trucks (G159)
-Diamond T Model 968 4-ton 6x6 truck (G509)
-Diamond T Model 967
-Diamond T Model 970
-Diamond T Model 972
-Diamond M26 Dragon Wagon
-Diamond M19 Tank Transporter
-Diamond T Model 980
-Diamond T 4-ton 6x6 truck
-Autocar U8144T 5/6-ton 4x4 truck
-Brockway/LaFrance 6-ton 6x6 truck, G512, 514, 547, 569
-White/Corbitt 6 ton 6x6 Prime Mover
-Ward LaFrance 4-ton 6x6 Cargo SWB w/w, 6-ton 6x6 Chassis w/w, 10-ton 6x6 Heavy Wrecker M1, M1A1, 10-ton 6x4 Tractor 1
-Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) SU-COE 5-6 ton 4x4
-White 4-ton 6x6 Cargo SWB w/w
-White 4-ton 6x6 Wrecker w/w 6
-White 4-6-ton, 4x4 Tractor
-White 6-ton 6x6 Chassis w/w for Bridge Erector
-White 6-ton 6x6 Chassis Van
-White 6-ton 6x6 Prime Mover w/w
-White 6-ton 6x6 Tank Gas 2000 Gal
-White 6-ton 6x6 Tractor
-White 10-ton 6x4 GSLC
-White M3 Armored Scout Car
-White M2 Half Track
-White M3 Half Track
-Inl KR-11 5 ton 4x2 dump truck
-Inl M5-6 318 2-1/2 ton 6x6 swb
-Mack NR15 10-ton 6x4
-Reo 28 XS 10-ton 6x4

Axis ww2 Axis Trucks

-Opel Blitz
-Opel Maultier

-Mercedes-Benz L3000
-Krupp Protze Kfz.19
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.68
-Krupp Protze Kfz.69
-Krupp Protze Kfz.70
-Krupp Protze Kfz.81
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.83
-Borgward B 3000
-Ford B3000S, V3000S, V3000A series
-Ford model BB
-Ford model V8-51
-Tatra 111
-Skoda Rad Schlepper Ost RSO Porsche 175
-Steyr Type 2000A
-Einheits Lkw Kfz.62
-Krupp LKW L3
-Bussing-Nag 4500
-Opel Blitz Omnibus
-Bussing-Nag L
-Mercedes-Benz L1500
-Horch 81
-Horch 108
-Beute Studebaker
-Krupp L3H
Hanomag SS-100
-Beute Ford B3000 S, V3000S, V3000A
-Beute Ford model BB
-Beute Ford model V8-51
-Beute Tatra 111

Italy ww2 L. Trucks (Autocarro Leggere)

-ОМ-32 Autocarretta da Montagna
-Camioneta SPA TL.37
-Camioneta AS.43
-Fiat 618

Italy ww2 Med. Trucks (Autocarro Medio)

-Alfa Romeo 430RE
-Alfa Romeo 800RE
-Breda Dovunque-41
-Bianchi Miles
-FIAT-626 NM
-Isotta Fraschini D65
-Isotta Fraschini D80
-SPA Dovunque-35
-SPA Dovunque-41
-SPA AS.37
-Autocarro Dovunque SPA 41/42

Italy ww2 H. Trucks (Autocarro Gigante)

-Fiat 661
-Lancia Ro
-Lancia 3Ro
-Lancia EsaRo
-ОМ Taurus
-ОМ Titano
-Autocarreta Mod.35
-Autocarri Unificati Ursus

Italy ww2 Staff Cars

-Alfa Romeo 6С2500 Coloniale
-Fiat 508M/CM Ballila
-Fiat 1100 (1937) (Balilla-1100 Coloniale)
-Lancia Aprilia Coloniale
-Bianchi VM 6C
-Fiat 2800 CMC

Italy ww2 Artillery tractors

-Pavesi P4/100 MODELLO 30A
-Breda TP 32
-SPA TM 40
-Fiat OCI 708 CM
-Breda TP40
-L.3 trattore leggero (hypothetical) for da. 47/32
-Pavesi Р4.31 (L140)
-Fiat 727 - half-track artillery tractor
-Semicingolato Breda Tipo 61 (SdKfz-7 under licence)

Italy ww2 Motorcycles

-Benelli 500 M36/VLM
-Bianchi Supermil 500
-Gilera 500 LTE
-Moto Guzzi Alce/Trialce
-Volugrafo Aermoto 125

Japan ww2 Trucks

-Toyota 4x4 Su-Ki (Amphibious truck)
-Isuzu Type 94 truck
-Type 95 Mini-truck
-Type 97 4-Wheeled Truck
-Type 1 6-Wheeled Truck
-Type 2 Heavy Truck
-Toyota KB/KC Truck
-Nissan 80 Truck
-Nissan 180 Truck

Soviet ww2 Tractors

-Type 92 5 t Prime Mover "I-Ke"
-Type 98 6 t Prime Mover "Ro-Ke"
-Type 92 8 t Prime Mover "Ni-Ku"
-Type 95 13 t Prime Mover "Ho-Fu"
-Type 94 4 t Prime Mover "Yo-Ke"
-Type 98 4 t Prime Mover "Shi-Ke"
-Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover
-Type 98 20 mm AA Machine Cannon Carrier
-Type 98 Half-tracked Prime Mover "Ko-Hi"
-Type 98 20 mm AA Half-Track Vehicle
-Experimental Heavy Gun Tractor Chi-Ke
-Experimental Crawler Truck
-T G Experimental Crawler Truck
-Fordson Prime Mover
-Pavesi Gun Tractor
-50 hp Gun Tractor
-Komatsu 3 ton Tractor
-Light Prime Mover
-Clarton Prime Mover
-Holt 30

Jap ww2 Staff cars

-Toyota AA/AB/AC
-Type 93 6/4-Wheeled Passenger Car
-Type 95 Passenger Car "Kurogane"
-Type 98 Passenger Car
-Model 97 Nissan Staff Car, Nissan 70

Jap ww2 Motorcycles

-Rikuo Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 97 Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 93 side car

Jap ww2 Misc.

-Type 94 Ambulance
-Type 94 Repair Vehicle

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