There are already more 130 armoured vehicles in service (with some going into reserve) into the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) today. In addition, something estimated to circa 200,000 softskin vehicles are also in service with the PLA, many also with the PLAGF (Air Force) and PLAN (Navy) with the latter being the most ambitious. They covered all the needs which don"t concerns the frontlines, but still the Army maintains WD (off-road) capabilities as standard, the remainder being road vehicles, well served with a solid network of roads and highways developed from the 1980s and now covering probably the largest superficy of all the developed world outside India and the US: 5,198,000 km, a density of 54 (less than the US) with 4,943,000 or 95% being "paved roads".

This way, it is easy to see the army, which does not have expeditionary/exOP use on a large volume could maintain a very large fleet of standard road trucks, for troops and supply transport for example between garrisons. The Air Force needs safety and tank vehicles, also road-type, as well as naval bases and arsenals. The Amphibious Corps needs however 4, 6 or 8-WD vehicles since it is supposed to land anywhere.

This page will try, with OSINT (Open Source Intel) and books when and if available, cover the totality of the softskin vehicle of the PLAN's topic.

Articles done and upcoming

Jiefang CA-10 (1956)
Jiefang CA-30 (1959)

FAW MV3 ()

Transporter Erector Launchers
HTF 5680
Wanshan 2400
Wanshan 2500
Wanshan 2600

History and Initial Development

Situation in Republican China (1911-1949)

To start with, let's recall the state of China at the time of the Boxer war in 1900, ruled fropm centuries by the Manchu dynasty, Empress dowager Xi representing the prince Puyi before his majority. The latter became Emperor and under it's eunuch councellor's grip, with widespread corruption and mismanagement which ended with a bolldy revolution in 1911. From there, the situation was quite tense. By default of an industry, but in the western enclaves and protectorate zones, a few cars and trucks percolated in China, but the general state of the roads made them not very common. Horse was the main transportation "system" throughout China still, and the army kept it's cavalry corps for many more years.

Shuzou Creek, Shanghai, the economic hub of early Republican China (Before WWI)

The development of an industrial base wished by Sun Yat Sen started at Shanghai, the "westernmost" enclave in China, where all new machinery and vehicles was dock-landed. During the Republican Era, the early years saw an unstable economy due to constant warfare between different regional warlords. The Beiyang government in Beijing failed to remain stable, brining economic stagnation until the 1928 Kuomintang reunification. After this stability, the "Nanjing Decade" saw a considerable boom in 1928-1931 thanks to foriegn investments. The occupation of Manchuria and Great Depression until 1935 however crushed the industrial output, until it recovered until 1936. China's GDP peaked at 28.8 billion but 21 and then 23.7 billion by 1935. Foreign investment totaled 3.5 billion, Japan at the head with 1.4 billion and UK.

Meanwhile cars and trucks unsed in China ...

In 1937, the war with Japan had the whole prosperous east coast occupied and the workforce soon dropped due to between 20 and 25 million Chinese being killes, including far more civilians than the military, Shanghai, the economic jewel, was razed, and plants fell one after the others to the Japanese that soon developed their own version of "slave labor", restoring part of the industry to profit the IJA. WW2 only aggravated things as By 1946, Chinese industries represented just 20% capacity, 25% of pre-war China...

The war had for immediate effect a massive increase in government control, as in 1936 this was only 15% of GDP but by 1942 70% of Chinese industry was state-owned. After Japan surrendered in 1945 the ROC recovered Taiwan and renewed its fight against the northern communists. Between corruption and hyperinflation in the civil war, mass unrest, growing sympathy for the communists the latter won in 1949, with the ROC proclaimed on 1 October 1949 on the island of Taiwan. There, Japan laid an educational groundwork which enabled a rapid economic growth under a state-ow, and then gradually capitalist economy.

Trucks of the Warlord Era

The warlord era ()...

Trucks and Cars of WW2

See also armored cars and tanks of the post-warlord era 1925-1950

Trucks of the People's Liberation army of China

Birth of an Industry: Chinese Trucks

chinese PLA Jiefang CA-10 (1956)

The CA10 Jiefang truck, the main auto made after the establishing of Individuals' Republic of China, was finished at First Auto Works - ancestor of FAW Gathering Co., Ltd. - in Changchun, Jilin area on July 13, 1956. It was a critical achievement in China's auto and designing ventures. The truck's plan depended on the Зис-150 (Studebaker-US6) delivered by Moscow's Stalin Car Production line of the Soviet Association. It had a 90-pull six chamber gas motor and could convey as much as four tons of cargo. Its most elevated speed was 65 kilometers each hour. The CA10 truck was producing for over 30 years and Jiefang vehicles were viewed in China as "the dad of locally made cars".

chinese PLA Jiefang CA-30 (1964)

The Jiefang CA-30 is a military truck, licensed-produced Soviet ZIL-157 6x6 army truck, quite similar to the original, except with square fenders. It is classed as a 2 1+1⁄2 ton 6x6 cargo truck, produced until 1986 retired or still used by reserve units today. It is weighting 11,770 lb (5,340 kg) of 263x91108 in (6.68x2.31x2.74 m), powered by a Jiefang 120, 336 cu in (5.5 L) gas I6 95 hp (71 kW) engine for speeds up to 40 mph (64 km/h); Also exported to Kumpuchea.

chinese PLA Dongfeng EQ245/EQ2100 (1985)

The EQ245/EQ2100 is a 3.5 tonne capacity, 6WD troop/cargo carrier truck developed by Dongfeng Motor Corp. also used by the civilia sector. It entered service as the EQ245, later renamed EQ2100E in the 1990s.

chinese PLA Dongfeng EQ240/EQ2081 (1975)

This is a 2.5 tonne capacity, 6WD troop/cargo carrier truck. It is the 2,500 kg class chassis for workshop shelters in service with the Air Force and Navy. Includes variants such as dump, tanker and crane but iot had a front bumper's power take-off and a 4,500 kg winch.

chinese PLA FAW (ex-Jiefang) MV3 (2011)

The FAW MV3 is a third medium generation military truck developed by First Automobile Works (FAW) introduced since 2011, as standard. It exists both in 4WD and 6WD configurations, single or double armored cabs. It is the Chinese answer to the US Army M939/MTVR. Its development started with a competition in 2011 the other vehicle manufacturing corporations of China and is currently the go-to universal transport and cargo truck.

Artillery Trucks

chinese PLA Norinco PCL-161 (2014)

The PCL-161 is a truck-mounted 122 mm self-propelled howitzer which acronym derived from pinyin 炮车榴弹炮 or "Gun Vehicle Howitzer". It was first unveiled while doing exercises in the Tibet Autonomous Region in October 2020. It should be the successor of the 122 mm truck mounted howitzer PCL-09.

Rocket Trucks

PHL-81/PHZ-89/PHL-90 PHL-11/PHZ-11 PHL-03 PHL-16, Type 83 (WM-40)/WM-80 Type 90 SR-4/SR-5/SR-7 A-100E AR-3 WS-1 WS-2 WS-3 WS-6 WS-15 WS-22/PR50 WS-32 WS-33 WS-35 WS-43 WS-63 WS-64 A200 A300 SY300 SY400

chinese PLA Norinco PHL-11 (2013)

The PHL-11 is a truck-mounted self-propelled 122 mm multiple rocket launcher (SPMRL) replacing the PHL-81. It is derived from the SR-4 multiple rocket launcher designed for export, itself from the PHL-81 multiple rocket launcher. It shares similar armaments with the PHL-11 but with a tracked chassis.

Light Vehicles

Here a Beijing BJ-212 ATGM version. From Chinese Beijing Automobile Works (formerly Beijing Jeep), the BJ212 (北京212) and BAW BJ2020 are inspired both by the Jeep and Land Rover. They were the first vehicles of the type designed in China, with four-wheel drive, and originally a 2.4 L (2445 cc) four-cylinder gas engine, with four-cylinder diesels obly available from the 2000s. This was considered in the Chinese PLA nomenclature as a light-duty offroad utility vehicle, 1/2 class.

The original design was largely dependent from UAZ imports and partly based on the UAZ-469, with production starting in 1965. In 1989 the classification system changed and it became the BJ2020 series. The BJ210' production was transferred to Tianjin's First Auto Works and renamed it the TJ210 C. The latter started to produce two metal half-doors, and extended wheelbase variant, four metal doors and also took charge of the sub-variants and civilian market versions. In the late 1990s, the Chinese cicilian market started to fell for these "classics" and outdoor 4WD became as popular as in the west. In the PLA, the BJ 210-212 was popular until replaced by the Dondfeng EQ2050 (2004) and from 2018, the Dongfend Menshi series.

Trucks of the nuclear program: PLAN's TELs

China started to develop its own domestic nuclear proghram based on Mao's wish to be respected on the International scene, in 1960.

chinese PLA HFT 5680

Of course the present subject is about the TEL (Transport Erector Launcher) of the PLA, not the missile. However since the vehicle was tailored to carry the later, they are both impossible to separate. The company behind it, Tai'an DONGYUE I./E. GROUP CO.LTD. from Shandong province, is a heavy specialized truck manufacturer, or "Taian Special Vehicle company" working with DongYue for parts. It is derived from the more general-purpose flatbed, conventional HTF5680 12x12 vehicle hich deserves its own future post.

chinese PLA Wanshan WS2500

The Wanshan WS 2500 was a Chinese PLA 20-ton 10x8/10x10 heavy truck, principal mobility platforms as a TEL for medium-range ballistic missiles and other conventional missile. Usable as a general purpose heavy duty truck derived from the 8x8 WS2400 built by Wanshan Special Vehicle it is also declined into the WS2600 to carry the DF 16 missile, and the smaller 6x6 WS 2300 used a mobile command center. But the medias are more accustomed to the WS 2500 as it was specially tailored to carry the Chinese hypersonic DF 17 since 2019. Before this, the WS 2500 was known to carry the more sophisticated MRBMs DF-16, replacing the older DF-11 SRBM. The WS2500 is much larger and heavier than the WS2400.

The WS2500 is a 20-ton 10x8 or 10x10 special heavy duty truck of the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China. A main TEL for medium-range ballistic missiles and other conventional missile of the PLA, it is built by Wanshan Special Vehicle. It is hard to find today precise production records.

chinese PLA Wanshan WS2600

Probably after a lot of hype that Peking seems to appreciate, western medias always hungry to sabre-rattling boasts, fed by Chinese informations made this weapon system the perfect aircraft carrier killer", directly aimed at the USN task forces in the region. They operates close to the souther China coast to gain the best of their intermediate range, but what really sparked international interest was possible deployment in the highly contested spratley islands, turned into long-range unsinkable aircraft carriers over the years by the Chinese authorities.

Of course the present subject is about the TEL (Transport Erector Launcher) of the PLA, not the DF-21 missile. However since the vehicle was tailored to carry the later, they are both impossible to separate. The company behind it, Wanshan Special Vehicle, officially Hubei Sanjiang Space Wanshan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd is a truck and bus manufacturer in China. Its WS-series military trucks are used by the People's Liberation Army and it is one of the three Chinese manufacturer of transporter erector launchers (TEL). Production is unknown, and probably related to the number of DF-21 missile estimated available, so around 50.

PLAN's Vehicles

Regular bases/harbor Vehicles

PLAN's Beijing BJ 2020 in a typical tri-tone PLAN camouflage.

PLAN Marines Vehicles

(To Come)

PLAGF Vehicles

Air Force Vehicles were essentially the same as army vehicle, both in apperance and models. (More to come)


Sketch of the Df-17 carrier (wikimedia CC)

WS 2500 in basic truck configuration

Related WS 2600

Dongfeng HTF5608A1 in a parade, the 12-wheeled version

HTF5608A1 of the PLA reference

2015 Parade vehicles (public reveal)

Wanshan WS2600 in a parade in Beijing, in 2015.

WS2600 of the PLA reference

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WW1 Vehicles

British ww2 WWI trucks
British ww2 British WWI Vehicles
LGOC B-type troop Bus
Mack AC
Pierce-Arrow AA truck
BSA 14/18 hp-20/25 hp
BSA 13.9 h.p
Lanchester staff Car
Thornycroft J
Maudslay Lorry
AEC Y Type
Foster-Daimler Tractor
Motorc. Triumph H
Ford Model T Patrol Car
FWD Model B 3-ton Lorry
Leyland 3-ton truck
Vulcan truck
Vauxhall D-type staff car
Crossley 20/25 staff car
French ww2 French WWI Vehicles
Berliet CBA
Berliet Type M
Châtillon-Panhard Tractor
Panhard K11
Latil TAR Tractor
Panhard-Genty 24 HP
Renault EG
Renault AG1 Landaulet
Renault Truck 60CV
Renault FB Artillery Portee
Schneider CD Artillery Tractor
Soviet ww2 Russian WWI Vehicles
(list in research)
US ww2 US WWI Vehicles
Holt tractor
Liberty Trucks, assembled by:
  • Bethlehem
  • Brockway
  • Diamond T
  • Gardford
  • Gramm-Berstein
  • Indiana
  • Kelly-Springfield
  • Packard
  • Pierce-Arrow
  • Republic
  • Selden
  • SMTC
  • Sterling
  • Velie
  • Dart
  • Lafrance
Cadillac trucks/staff cars
Ricker truck
Ford Model T Mil.
Spruce log truck
Dodge M1918 Light Repair truck
Dart BB, E, L, Liberty CC4, J Tractor
5-ton Artillery Tractor
Ford Model T Ambulance
Mack AC "Bulldog" Truck
Holt 15-ton Tractor
Jeffery Quad Lorry
FWD Model B‎
Italy ww1 Italian WWI Vehicles
Lancia IZ
Fiat 15ter Ambulance
Fiat 15ter Lorry
Fiat 18BL Lorry
Hersent-Thiriont Flamethrower
(list in research)
Soviet ww2 Japanese WWI Vehicles
(list in research)
Belgian Dutch ww2 Belgian, Dutch and other WWI vehicles
Berna C2 Truck (Swiss)
(list in research)
German Empire ww1 German WWI Vehicles
A7V Überlandwagen
Büssing KZW1800 Artillery Tractor
Daimler Marienfelde Truck
Field Artillery Limbers
Große FeldKüche Hf.13
Mercedes 37/95 Staff Car
(list in research)
Soviet ww2 Austro-Hungarian Vehicles
Austro-Daimler Lorry
Austro-Daimler Artilleriezugwagen
B-Zug Artillery Tractor
Feldküche M.1915

Turkish vehicles Turkish WWI Vehicles
(list in research)

allied ww2 Allied ww2 Vehicles

British ww2 British Vehicles
-AEC Armoured Command Vehicle (415)
-AEC Matador
-Albion CX22S
-Albion FT15N
-Albion WD.CX24
-Austin K2/Y Ambulance
-Austin K3
-Austin K4
-Austin K4 Dropside
-Austin K5
-Austin K6 GS
-Austin K6 Gantry
-Bedford MW
-Bedford OXA Armoured
-Bedford OXC Semi-trailer
-Bedford OXD GS
-Bedford OYC Tanker
-Bedford OYD GS
-Bedford QL series (QLD, QLR/QLC QLT TC)
-Commer Q2
-Crossley Q-Type
-Diamond T tank transporter
-Guy Quad-Ant FAT
-Guy Lizard ACV
-Humber FWD
-Karrier KT4
-Karrier K6
-Leyland Hippo Mk I/II
-Leyland Lynx
-Leyland Retriever
-Mack EXBX
-Morris 15cwt
-Morris CDSW
-Morris ML Ambulance
-Morris C8 GS/FAT
-Morris Commercial CD series
-Morris Commercial CS8
-Morris C9
-Morris GS Terrapin
-Morris PU
-Scammell Pioneer SV1S/SV2S
-Thornycroft Hathi (1924)
-Thornycroft Nubian
-Thornycroft Tartar
US ww2 Canadian Trucks
-Ford F8 CMP
-CMP C15/F15 (1940)
-CMP C30/F30 LRGD (1942)
-CMP C30/F30 (1940)
-CMP C60/F60 LWB (1941)
-CMP C60/F60 SWB (1942)
-C-60X 6x6 CMP
-F-60H 6x4 CMP
-Ford F-GT CMP
-Chevy C-GT CMP
-C8A 1C1 HUP
-Chevrolet 3 ton truck
-Chevrolet WB 30cwt LRDG
-Chevrolet C8/C8A 4x2 CMP
French ww2 French Vehicles
-Berliet DGRA
-Berliet GDC
-Berliet GDM
-Berliet VDCA
-Berliet 30
-Bernard fuel carrier
-Citroën Kégresse P14 .
-Citroën Kégresse P17
-Citroën Kégresse P19
-Citroën Type 23
-Citroën 32U
-Citroën T45
-Fiat France 38R
-Ford France
-Hotchkiss PKW Type 680
-Hotchkiss 686
-Hotchkiss 686 PNA
-Isobloc W843M medical bus
-Laffly S15R
-Laffly S15T
-Laffly V15T
-Laffly V15R
-Laffly W15T/R
-Laffly 20TL
-Laffly 25
-Laffly 45
-Latil TAR H2
-Latil M2Tl6
-Matford F917
-Panhard K113 Truck
-Panhard K125 Truck/Bus
-Peugeot 202
-Peugeot 402
-Peugeot DMA
-Peugeot DK
-Peugeot DK5
-Renault AHS
-Renault AHN
-Renault AHR
-Renault AGC
-Renault ADK
-Renault ADH
-Renault AHSs
-Saurer type 3CT
-Simca 5 staff car
-Simca 8 staff car
-Somua MCL
-Somua MCG
-Talbot staff car
-Unic TU1
-Unic P107
-Trippel SG6
-Willeme DU10
Soviet ww2 Soviet Trucks
-GAZ AA M1927 M1932 M1941
-GAZ AAA M1937/1940
-Ford Marmon HH6 Katiusha
-SU C-6
-Yag-10 SPG
-ZIS-33 HT
-ZIS 41 HT
-FN-Kégresse T3

Soviet staff cars
-GAZ M1 "Emka"
-GAZ 11-73
-GAZ 61-73
-GAZ 67 Amphibious armoured cars
Soviet ww2 Czech Trucks
-Praga N (1915)
-Praga TNSPE (1916) AC
-Praga MN, LN (1926)
-Praga RN (1933)
-Praga SND (SNDgs) (1937)
-Praga RND (1935)
-Praga T6 (1937) artillery tractor
-Praga RV (1934)
-Praga AV (1936)
-Tatra 26
-Tatra 57/57K (1932-1940)
-Tatra 72
-Tatra 82
-Tatra 92
-Tatra 81
-Tatra 111
US ww2 US Trucks
-Autocar U8144T 5/6-ton 4x4 truck
-Brockway/LaFrance 6-ton 6x6 truck, G512, 514, 547, 569
-Brockway 6-ton 6×6 truck
-Chevrolet m1931
-Chevrolet m1936
-Chevrolet G506 1.5 ton 4x4 truck
-Chevrolet G-7107 4-1/2 ton 4x4
-Chevrolet 3116 1-1/2 ton 4x2
-Chevrolet AFWX-354
-Corbitt 6-ton 6×6 truck
-Diamond T Model 980/981 12-ton 6x4 trucks (G159)
-Diamond T Model 968 4-ton 6x6 truck (G509)
-Diamond T Model 967
-Diamond T Model 970
-Diamond T Model 972
-Diamond M26 Dragon Wagon
-Diamond M19 Tank Transporter
-Diamond T Model 980
-Diamond T 4-ton 6x6 truck
-Dodge 1⁄2-ton truck
-Dodge WC-51/52 (3⁄4-ton Trucks, Weapons Carrier)
-Dodge WC-53 (3⁄4-ton Carryall)
-Dodge WC-54/64 (3⁄4-ton Ambulance)
-Dodge WC-55 (3⁄4-ton Truck, M6 Gun Motor Carriage)
-Dodge WC-56/57/58 (3⁄4-ton (Radio) Command Reconnaissance)
-Dodge WC-62/43 (G-507, 11⁄2-ton, 6x6 truck)
-Dodge M6 GMC
-Dodge T-234 "China/Burma" truck
-Ford B3000 S
-Ford V3000S
-Ford V3000A
-Ford BB
-Ford V8-51
-Ford m1931
-Ford V8 M1937
-Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) SU-COE 5-6 ton 4x4
-International B2
-International model 1937
-Inl KR-11 5 ton 4x2 dump truck
-Inl M5-6 318 2-1/2 ton 6x6 swb
-G8T 2-1/2 ton 4x2 Truck
-Mack NR15 10-ton 6x4
-Reo 28 XS 10-ton 6x4
-Studebaker US6x4 U-5
-Studebaker US6x4 U-7
-Studebaker US6x4 U-6
-Studebaker US6 U4 bz35S 2-1/2 ton 6x6 truck
-T1E1(M1) half-track
-T5 half-track
-T7 half-track
-T9 half-track
-Ward LaFrance
-White 6 ton 6x6 Prime Mover
-White G-691 444T
-White 6-ton 6×6 truck G512, 514, 526, 547

US ww2 Small truck/car & Misc.
Bantam Reconnaissance Car
Ford GTB
6x6 Willys 'MT-TUG' ("Super-Jeep")
-Willys MB light truck
-Ford GPA ("Seep")
Buick Century Series 60
1941 Plymouth P11 Staff Car
Ford Fordor 1942 Staff Car
Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycle
US ww2 Tractors. M1 Heavy Tractor:
  • Allis-Chalmers Model L
  • G-022 Caterpillar Model 60
  • G-89 Caterpillar RD7
  • G-98, G-107 Allis-Chalmers HD-10DW
  • G-101 International Harvester TD-18
  • G-126 Caterpillar D7
  • G-153 Caterpillar D8

Axis ww2 Axis Trucks

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Sd.Kfz 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 were half-tracks designed just before the war as prime movers, to carry supplies, ammunition, personal, and tow artillery. Many were also converted during the war as armored versions carrying AA FLAK guns (Flakvierling, 37 mm, or the legendary 88 mm Rheinmetall als used as tank hunters), or were converted as nebelwerfer (rocket launching armored vehicles). They were built by Hanomag, Steyr, Mercedes-Benz, Bussing and many other manufacturers until 1945, over 20,000 half-tracks.

German ww2 German Military trucks
-Opel Blitz
-Mercedes-Benz L3000
-Magirus A3000
-Krupp Protze Kfz.19
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.68
-Krupp Protze Kfz.69
-Krupp Protze Kfz.70
-Krupp Protze Kfz.81
-Krupp Protze Kfz.21
-Krupp Protze Kfz.83
-Borgward B 3000
-Skoda Rad Schlepper
-Ost RSO Porsche 175
-Steyr Type 2000A
-Einheits Lkw Kfz.62
-Krupp LKW L3
-Bussing-Nag 4500
-Opel Blitz Omnibus
-Bussing-Nag L
-Mercedes-Benz L1500
-Beute Studebaker
-Krupp L3H
-Hanomag SS-100
-Beute Ford B3000 S, V3000S, V3000A
-Beute Ford model BB
-Beute Ford model V8-51
-Beute Tatra 111

German ww2 German Half Tracks

-Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad
-Sd.Kfz.3 Maultier
-Sd.Kfz.4 Panzerwerfer
-Schwere Wehrmachtsschlepper
-Leichte Wehrmachtsschlepper
-Raupenschlepper Ost

German ww2 German Staff Cars

-Horch 81
-Horch 108
-Kfz.15 Horch 901
-VW 182 Kübelwagen
-VW Schwimmwagen
italy ww2 Italian Military trucks
L. Trucks (Autocarro Leggere)
-ОМ Autocarretta da Montagna
-Camioneta SPA TL.37
-Camioneta AS.43
-Fiat 618
Med. Trucks (Autocarro Medio)
-Alfa Romeo 430RE
-Alfa Romeo 800RE
-Bianchi Miles
-FIAT-626 NM
-Isotta Fraschini D65
-Isotta Fraschini D80
-SPA Dovunque-35
-SPA Dovunque-41
-SPA AS.37
-Autocarro Dovunque SPA 41/42

H. Trucks (Autocarro Gigante)
-Fiat 661
-Lancia Ro
-Lancia 3Ro and TE
-Lancia EsaRo
-ОМ Taurus
-ОМ Titano
-Autocarri Unificati Ursus

italy ww2 Artillery tractors
-Breda TP32
-Breda TP 40
-Breda TP 41
-Breda 6x4 51
-90/53 su Breda 52
-Breda 61 (licenced SdKfz-7)
-Fiat-SPA T.L.37
-Pavesi Р4.31 (L140)
-Fiat 727 half-track artillery tractor
-SPA TM40 wheeled artillery tractor

italy ww2 Staff Cars
-Alfa Romeo 6С2500 Coloniale
-Fiat 508M Ballila
-Fiat 508CM Coloniale
-Fiat 1100 (1937) (Balilla-1100 Coloniale)
-Lancia Aprilia Coloniale
-Bianchi VM 6C
-Fiat 2800 CMC

italy ww2 Motorcycles
-Benelli 500 M36/VLM
-Bianchi Supermil 500
-Gilera 500 LTE
-Moto Guzzi Alce/Trialce
-Volugrafo Aermoto 125
Japan ww2 IJA/IJN ww2 vehicles
-Toyota 4x4 Su-Ki (Amphibious truck)
-Isuzu Type 94 truck
-Type 94 6-Wheeled Truck
-Type 95 Mini-truck
-Type 97 4-Wheeled Truck
-Type 1 6-Wheeled Truck
-Type 2 Heavy Truck
-Toyota KB/KC Truck
-Nissan 80 Truck
-Nissan 180 Truck
Japan ww2 Tractors
-Type 92 5 t Prime Mover "I-Ke"
-Type 98 6 t Prime Mover "Ro-Ke"
-Type 92 8 t Prime Mover "Ni-Ku"
-Type 95 13 t Prime Mover "Ho-Fu"
-Type 94 4 t Prime Mover "Yo-Ke"
-Type 98 4 t Prime Mover "Shi-Ke"
-Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover
-Type 98 20 mm AA Machine Cannon Carrier
-Type 98 Half-tracked Prime Mover "Ko-Hi"
-Type 98 20 mm AA Half-Track Vehicle
-Experimental Heavy Gun Tractor Chi-Ke
-Experimental Crawler Truck
-T G Experimental Crawler Truck
-Fordson Prime Mover
-Pavessi Gun Tractor
-50 hp Gun Tractor
-Komatsu 3 ton Tractor
-Light Prime Mover
-Clarton Prime Mover
-Holt 30

Japan ww2 Staff cars
-Toyota AA/AB/AC
-Type 93 6/4-Wheeled Passenger Car
-Type 95 Passenger Car "Kurogane"
-Type 98 Passenger Car
-Model 97 Nissan Staff Car, Nissan 70

Japan ww2 Motorcycles
-Rikuo Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 97 Motorcycle
-Rikuo Type 93 side car

Japan ww2 Misc.
-Type 94 Ambulance
-Type 94 Repair Vehicle

Cold War & Modern Vehicles

Section pending completion.
BAV-485 * MAZ-543 * GAZ 46 * GAZ 67B * GAZ/UAZ-69 * GAZ 51 * GAZ 63* ZIL-131 * GAZ 66 * KrAZ-214 * KrAZ-255 * KrAZ-260 * KZKT-7428 * MAZ-535 * MAZ-537 * MAZ-7310 * Ural 375 * URAL 4320 * ZIL-135 * ZIL-151 * ZIL-157 * ZIL-157/PR-11M * ZIL-6 * ZIL-6

* * * * Praga V3S * Tatra 813
Ford G398 * Borgward BE3000 * Henschel HS 115 * Hanomag AL 28 * Mercedes Standard 4.5L * Mercedes LG 315/46 * Magirus-Deutz 170 * Magirus-Deutz 232 * Magirus-Deutz Jupiter 6x6 * Magirus-Deutz A 6500 * MAN KAT-1 * SLT 50 Elefant TT * Liebherr 8x8 GLW * MAN TGM Mil 18 4x4 * Liebherr 4x4 FKL * MAN 630 L2 * Mercedes LA * Unimog 404 2.5 standard * DKW Munga (1956) * Mercedes G-class * Volkswagen Type 181 (1968) * Volkswagen Iltis (1978) * MAN LX Tactical Trucks * M3 Amphibious Rig
Willys Jeep CJ series * Jeep M606 * Jeep M38A1 * Jeep M170 * M151 Mutt * M422 Mighty Mite * CJ V-35(/U) * M274 4x4 "Mule" * M37 Series 4x4 "Power Wagon" * M35 Series 6x6 * M54 Series 6x6 * M123/M125 6x6 * M715 series 4x4 * M561 6x6 "Gamma Goat" * M656 Series 8x8 * M880 series 4x4 * M809 series 6x6 * M520 4x4 "Goer" * M915 series 6x4 * M911 C-MET 8x6 * CUCV M1008 4x4 * HMMWV 4x4 * M939 Series 6x6 * HEMTT M977 8x8

Land-Rover * Bedford RL * Bedford TK/MK * Bedford TM * AEC Militant * Austin K9 * AEC Mandator TEL


Nissan 2.5 Truck * * Hitachi Type 73 artillery tractor (1974) * Toyota Type 73 * Isuzu HST * Nissan Patrol * Mitsubishi Type 73 * Toyota Land Cruiser *
Jiefang CA10 * Jiefang CA30
Beijing BJ212 * Beijing BJ2020 * Dongfeng EQ240/EQ2081 * Dongfeng EQ245/EQ2100 * Dongfeng EQ2050 * FAW MV3 * Hanyang HY4260 * Hanyang HY4330 * HTF5680A1 * SFQ2040 LieYing * Xiaolong XL2060 * Jiefang CA-30 * NJ2045/2046 * Shaanxi SX2190 * Shaanxi SX2150 * TA580/TAS5380 * TA5450/TAS5450 * TAS5500 * TAS5570 * TAS5690 * Type 82 truck * WS2300 * WS2400 * WS2500 * Wanshan W-2600 * WS21200 * WS51200
Renault TRM 10000 GP | Renault RM 700-100 TT | Renault TRM 2000 lorry | Berliet GBC 8 TK & Renault GBC 180 | Renault Kerax* | Iveco PPT3 | PML VPCM | Scania CCP10 | Scania TRA TOE NG | Renault ESRC | Renault ESRC AVIT | Renault CCPTA | Mercedes CCP3/5 | Renault Carapace | Renault CDLR | Renault PPDL | Renault CDLR CBH 385 | VLTT | Grizzly LUV | VOS-APP LUV | VOS-PAT LUV | Acmat VLRA | Panhard VPS LUV | Aquus AREG VLFS | Renault T4 VLTP NG | Arquus Trapper VT4 | French Mil. Quads | Renault Kangoo | French Bulldozers | Souvim Minesweeper | EFA Bridgelayer | Renault PFM BDL | SPRAT AVLB

Modern Trucks

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Tatra Prithvi | Ashok-Leyland Agni II TEL


Iveco ACTL


AMT 25, AMT 950, DAC, Roman, Dacia Duster.


Rantis P6 ATAV


UAZ Esaul * Kamaz 6560 * Pantsir S1


Renault TRM 10000 GP | Renault RM 700-100 TT | Renault TRM 2000 lorry | <Renault Kerax | Iveco PPT3 | PML VPCM | Scania CCP10 | Scanian TRA TOE NG | Renault ESRC | Renault ESRC AVIT | Renault CCPTA | Mercedes CCP3/5 | Renault Carapace | Renault CDLR | Renault PPDL | Renault CDLR CBH 385 | VLTT | Grizzly LUV | VOS-APP LUV | VOS-PAT LUV | Acmat VLRA | Panhard VPS LUV | Aquus AREG VLFS | Renault T4 VLTP NG | | French Mil. Quads | Renault Kangoo | French Bulldozers | Souvim Minesweeper | EFA Bridgelayer | Renault PFM BDL | SPRAT AVLB


Mercedes 250GD Wolf | Mercedes Wolf SSA | Mercedes G300 Greenliner | VW T3/T4/T6 van | BWM G650 GS | BMW F850 GS | BMW R1150 RT | BMW R1200 RT | KTM 400LS-E BdW | LIV(SO) Serval | German quads | Faun LST50-3 Elefant | Faun STL56 Franziska | Faun SLT Mammut | RMT HX81 | SAANH 70T | Mercedes Unimog U3/4/5000 | Mercedes Zetros | MAN KAT1 | RMT Multi 2 | RMT WLS 6x6 | RMT UTF WLKS 8x8 | | MAN TGS 8x4 | MAN TGS 6x4 | MAN RMMV TGA | Mercedes Atego | Mercedes Axor | EWK M3 Amph.Rig | Liebherr FKL | Liebherr FKM | T.Faun FKS ATF 30-2 | T.Faun FKS ATF 70-4 | T.Faun FKS ATF 100-5 | T.Faun FKS ATF 110-5 | T.Faun FKS ATF 120-5 Obelix | Steinbrock 2.5 Y4 | Herbst-Smag Orion V | Konecrane SMV 2216 TC3 | Ahlmann AS1600 | Liebherr 574 | MAN Cobra Radar | Liebherr LTM 1050


Defenture Mammoth | to come | placeholder | MLC-70 WGMST


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United Kingdom:

RWMIK land rover | Toyota Jankel Al-Thalab | Sky Sabre | Alvis Unipower | land Rover Wolf | Land Rover Defender BFA | Alvis Supacat ATMP | Marshall Gasket 3 | MAN SV (Mark I-III)


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